Below are the distinctives unique to Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church.

  • Embrace the doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy.
  • Maintain a literal twenty-four hour, six consecutive day creationist view of Genesis.
  • Reject the modern day Erastian teaching of Church Incorporation.
  • Practice male head-of-household voting.
  • Require an educated eldership.
  • Adhere to a two office view of the church.

Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church rejects the following teachings and practices as unacceptable to the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the New Testament Church, and forbids the teaching and/or practice of such systems within the membership of the church.

  • Charismatic theology and its unbiblical practices.
  • Dispensational theology.
  • Arminian theology in any form.
  • The practice of `altar calls? in the worship of God.
  • The participation in abortions in any form.
  • The teaching, practice, or promotion of homosexuality in any form or type.
  • Participation in any secret society which violates the Scriptures or Confession.
  • Neo-orthodox and neo-evangelical theology in any form.
  • Modernism and humanism in all forms.
  • The teaching, practice and promotion of feminism.
  • The teaching of evolution in any type or form.
  • The teaching, practice, or promotion of padeocommunion in any form.

Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church affirms that a church or denomination which denies the inerrant authority of the Word of God, and/or the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, are considered apostate churches, having departed from the faith once delivered unto the saints (Jude 3).